Damian Lillard Is Every Responsible American, Living in a Box on His Phone

Stephen Douglas
Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard / Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The NBA season is beginning to teeter on the brink as teams existing outside a bubble are being affected by the mess the country has made of itself during the COVID-19 pandemic. Games are being postponed. Protocols are being tightened. Earlier this week Damian Lillard talked about what it was like playing basketball during the pandemic. If you're doing things right, his answer should hit close to home.

"I feel like I'm living my life in a box. I go to practice. I go back home. I don't go anywhere else. It ain't like we can go to dinner, go to a movie or go hang out with our family or nothing like that. You know because our family members they have lives. "

The disappointing part is that Lillard views these as the rules that players have to live by. This should be what every responsible American is going through. It's a shame that he feels alone in this, but that's how a lot of us feel.

We're all living on our phones right now, buddy. It sucks! It will eventually pass, but for now, it sucks. Just be happy you get to play basketball.