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Dallas Mavericks Bench Not Mad, Just Disappointed That Luka Doncic Didn't Dunk

Stephen Douglas
Luka Doncic lays it in.
Luka Doncic lays it in. / Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Luka Doncic had 34 points, 13 rebounds and nine assists in the Dallas Mavericks' 104-93 win over the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday night. It was a typical near-triple-double from the young star which included a 16-point third quarter. Doncic put an exclamation mark on the flurry with a fast break layup.

The reaction of the bench was priceless. What exactly where they expecting? It's not like Luka has never dunked. He's been known to throw down in a crowd, but for all the cool stuff he does on a basketball court, he just doesn't have that Slam Dunk contest flavor.

Something tells me Luka enjoyed the layup reaction from the bench more than he would have if he had dunked.