Dallas Cowboys Going Nowhere Because of Plane Troubles and Jason Garrett

Stephen Douglas
Cowboys coach Jason Garrett looks disappointed during loss to Eagles.
Cowboys coach Jason Garrett looks disappointed during loss to Eagles. / Corey Perrine/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday to lose control of the NFC East. The loss was the Cowboys' fourth in their last five games, and Dallas only managed three field goals in the loss. To make things even worse, the Cowboys' plane was grounded because it was "not viable."

The team plane, unlike team owner Jerry Jones, does not beat around the bush.

""When you get in this spot, you give yourself a chance to be real disappointed. We are," Jones said. "The fact that we didn't get any [touchdowns], the fact the game turned out the way it did, they played well. Not a lot to say about anything else other than it's very disappointing. We all expected to leave here as NFC East champs. We're not. We'll just go to Washington.""

Yes, they'll just go to Washington. If the plane works. Or not. They keep using a coach that doesn't work, so why not a plane? If the Eagles win next week, the Cowboys result won't matter, but if the Eagles lose and the Cowboys lose to Washington and miss the playoffs, could that possibly be the final straw? Could Jerry Jones finally pull the trigger and fire Jason Garrett?

No other owner of no other team with no other coach would ever put up with this much disappointment. Right? How can Jones continue to vaguely justify Garrett? Find out Monday on his weekly radio appearance.