Dak Prescott Reportedly Seeks $40 Million Per Year From Cowboys; Might Be Crazy

Liam McKeone

Over the weekend, reports emerged Dak Prescott turned down an extension worth $30 million a year from the Dallas Cowboys. The reports were ridiculed, and most thought it was untrue simply because it would be ridiculous for Prescott to turn down that kind of offer, given it would automatically make him one of the six highest-paid QBs in the league in terms of average salary.

Well, it sounds like he did indeed turn down $30 million. Why, we ask? Jane Slater reports it is because Prescott wants $40 million a year from Dallas.

That is absolutely absurd. Prescott is a good QB with some room to grow. But it’s hard to argue he’s even top 10 at his position, much less top five. $40 million a year for any NFL player is so outlandish that I wouldn’t be shocked if Jerry Jones burst out laughing after hearing the numbers on Prescott’s counter-offer.

For comparison, the highest average on any quarterback’s deal is Russell Wilson at $35 million. He’s obviously accomplished more than Dak in his career, but Dak doesn’t feel that should matter when it comes to compensation.

Prescott clearly aims not only to become the highest-paid quarterback in the league today, but to solidify himself in that position no matter how much the cap changes or how much other teams are willing to spend.

A bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off.