Domonique Foxworth: Dak Prescott Shouldn't Give Cowboys a Discount

Ryan Glasspiegel
Get Up discusses Dak Prescott
Get Up discusses Dak Prescott /

Dak Prescott is a free agent. Everybody thinks the Cowboys will ultimately keep him, but it's paramount for them to get a deal done quickly so that he can begin getting acclimated with new coach Mike McCarthy's offense. This gives Prescott the leverage. Responding on Get Up to a previous opinion from Bart Scott that Prescott should give Jerry Jones a discount to help the team better compete for championships, Domonique Foxworth disagreed. Watch beginning at the 1:40-mark:

"That's not his job. He's already taken less money. He's been getting robbed for three years in a row. Get your money when you can," Foxworth said.

The former NFLPA president acknowledged that if someone could guarantee Prescott the Tom Brady model of winning multiple Super Bowl rings in return for a discount then maybe that would be different, but because that guarantee is impossible Prescott should maximize his earnings.

There is the point, made by Ed Werder on Twitter yesterday, that if the QB position jumps from about $2 million to over $30 million next year the Cowboys are going to have some depth issues given how they performed when Prescott was supremely underpaid. However, as Foxworth points out, that's a problem that Jerry and Stephen Jones need to figure out.

NFL owners benefit from a one-way street in this situation, where salaries are capped and largely non-guaranteed. Even with the pressure on Prescott to take less money so the team can better build around him, he has all the leverage in the world if he says no thanks.