Brett Maher Missed Three Extra Points in the First Half and Everyone Is Losing It

Kyle Koster

The good news for the Dallas Cowboys is that they destroyed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first half of a win-or-go home game. The bad news is that Brett Maher, who was pretty reliable during the regular-season, may have developed an unfortunate case of the yips. All three of his point after attempts sailed wide of the intended target and turned what could have been a 21-0 halftime advantage into a funnier looking 18-0. Now, things could definitely be worse for the Cowboys. They could have a 45-year-old quarterback tasked with overcoming such a large deficit after looking entirely ineffective for 30 minutes.

Because it's Tom Brady, though, everyone is thinking these could be like Chekhov's gun when Touchdown Tom decides to teach everyone counting him out an another lesson.

It's been tough for some people to watch. Like Peyton Manning, who never seemed too fond of kickers himself.

Or, more importantly, Dak Prescott. Dallas' quarterback would very much like to go for two if and when his team finds the end zone. How do I know this? Well, the whole world knows about.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was not thrilled either. Going to be a long flight home for Maher.

UPDATE: Maher missed another one.