This Toddler Needs to Buzz His Showboating Dad's Tower

Kyle Koster

A slugger named Kyle has gone viral, which is something I should be able to appreciate, especially since he did so by absolutely destroying his young son at sports. Showing no mercy is how you toughen them up. Everyone knows this; they just feel afraid to admit it out loud in mixed company.

But something is bothering me. And if I could be so bold, allow me to speak directly to this toddler with a bloated ERA who probably can't read yet.

Buddy, you need to get your old man off the plate. He's way too comfortable up there. It is beyond time for a high hard one to brush him off. Make him move his feet. Buzz the damn tower. Have him think twice about lifting and separating.

Especially if he's going to style after each bomb. That sort of thing may not bother your generation, but it matters.

Here's hoping retaliation is sought and realized soon.