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Dabo Swinney, Who Makes $8.5 Million Annually, is Very Concerned About All the Money in College Football

Stephen Douglas
Wake Forest v Clemson
Wake Forest v Clemson / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

Dabo Swinney and the Clemson Tigers lost their defensive coordinator on Sunday when the coaching carousel claimed Brent Venables. He will return to Oklahoma where he previously spent a dozen seasons as an assistant to Bob Stoops. Contract details have not come out yet, but rest assured it took quite a bit of cash to get him to walk away from a job where he was the highest-paid assistant in all of college football, making $2.5 million annually. As usual, Swinney is not happy.

Now, we don't have the full context here, but it sounds like Swinney, who currently makes $8.5 million a year, has a problem with the way schools are throwing around all this cash. The fact that he even threw a timeline in there almost assures that in four or five years Nick Saban will retire and Swinney will take the Alabama job. Swinney played at Alabama and spent 17 years there in various coaching roles.

The fact that Dabo Swinney continues to complain about other people getting paid is almost as rich as Dabo Swinney. The only people who should not be saying anything about the current state of amateur football are the coaches and Swinney is right at the top of that list.