Dabo Swinney's Stephen A. Smith Impression Among the Worst You'll Ever See

Kyle Koster
Clemson v Syracuse
Clemson v Syracuse / Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

The First Take gang was down in Clemson today in advance of the Tigers' game tomorrow against Florida State. The ever-electric Dabo Swinney swung by the set and was asked quite a question by Stephen A. Smith. Is he worried that an undefeated Clemson could miss the College Football Playoff? This, of course, is something that isn't going to happen.

Swinney chose to convey this fact in a way intended to get a laugh. But a sober mind assessing his ham-handed Smith impression has to wonder, if given a chance, he'd make the same choice.

Now, I don't like to argue with people but I cannot abide by this caption from the ACC Network. This is not GOLD, Jerry. This is bottom-of-the-barrel stuff. Truly haunting.