D-III Playoff Game Ends With Two Missed Extra Points After Center Scores Touchdown

Stephen Douglas

St. John's and Wheaton provided fans with a thrilling ending in the Division-III semifinals. St. John's had a 34-27 lead with 10-seconds to go when they allowed a one-yard touchdown run by Wheaton center Jake Hibben.

Being a center who just scored a would-be game-tying postseason touchdown, Hibben let his emotions get the best of him and spiked the ball. 15-yard penalty.

College kickers are a thing, but DIII college kickers are a whole other thing. The Wheaton kicker proceeded to miss the game-tying extra point. Given another opportunity after offsetting penalties, he missed again as a large train went by.

No word on whether the hobos catching a ride distracted the kicker.