Currently First Place in the NL East, the Miami Marlins Should Quarantine Straight Into the Playoffs

Stephen Douglas
Members of the Miami Marlins celebrate during one of their three games this season.
Members of the Miami Marlins celebrate during one of their three games this season. / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Miami Marlins started the season by taking two out of three games against the Philadelphia Phillies. A large portion of the team then tested positive for COVID-19 and the team's season was "paused" so that they could safely quarantine and not infect any opponents. Eventually, MLB will give the club to go ahead and un-pause their season, but should they?

At 2-1, with a .667 winning percentage, the Miami Marlins sit atop the National League East. Based on that small sample size, it is incredibly likely that they make MLB's expanded 16-team playoff. Why should MLB allow those residents of Florida to roam the countryside for the next two months with the safety of the other teams at stake?

MLB should simply allow the Marlins to quarantine for the rest of the regular season and give them the top seed in the National League playoffs. This will give the team plenty of time to finalize a healthy roster and find a location outside Florida to host that series.

And while we're at it, let's give the Tampa Bay Rays, currently tied for first in the AL East, a bye for the rest of the season. MLB should probably do the same for the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers as well. And any other team in a hot-spot state.

Most of these teams are going to make the playoffs anyway. There are no ticket sales to be lost. If MLB refuses to allow/force teams to play tripleheader series, they should consider this as a serious option to ensure the completion of an already short regular season.