Chicago White Sox Fans Devastated by Seiya Suzuki Robbing a Grand Slam


The Chicago Cubs beat the Chicago White Sox, 7-3, at Guaranteed Rate Field on Tuesday night. The result could have been very different but Seiya Suzuki robbed Yoan Moncada of a grand slam in the bottom of the 7th. If Suzuki hadn't snatched it at the wall, the White Sox would have cut the lead to two runs with no outs in the inning. Instead, Suzuki left the crowd stunned and the White Sox never recovered.

The reaction of the crowd was awesome. First the joy of thinking they were seeing a grand slam, which is one of the most exciting things in baseball. Then shock, surprise and confusion as he pulled it in. While Cubs fans were thrilled, White Sox fans appeared to have their brains broken.

No one had more trouble processing the play than this guy.

It's hard to imagine what besides sports could do that to a person. Maybe if you watched a tree fall on your car. Or if a seabird took your phone out of your hand while you were getting test results from the doctor's office and it flew out over the ocean and a shark jumped out of the water and ate it. You know, something equally unbelievable and deflating.