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Cubs and White Sox Fans Brawled in the Bleachers This Weekend

Stephen Douglas
Cubs and White Sox fans fighting.
Cubs and White Sox fans fighting. /

The Chicago White Sox hosted the Chicago Cubs for a three game series over the weekend with the Sox winning two out of the three games. During Sunday's series finale tempers boiled over in the bleachers as Cubs and White Sox fans got into a big fight.

I think the amount of maniacal laughing from the people surrounding the combatants is the most disturbing part of these videos. There are no sounds of shock. Just delight. This is why you go to the ballgame and sit in the drunkest part of the stadium. To see the spectacle of idiots throwing punches and falling over bleachers.

It was not the first time White Sox fans were involved in an altercation this season. It is also unlikely to be the last.