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Javy Báez Breaks Pirates' Brains During One of Most Bizarre Plays You'll Ever See

Kyle Koster
Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates
Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Javy Báez has turned in more than his fair share of spectacular plays with his glove through his career, but the baserunning artistry he just put on — with help from an absentminded defender — may trump them all. Minutes ago, with a runner on second and two outs, Báez ripped a ground ball to Pittsburgh Pirates third baseman Erik Gonzalez, who fielded it and threw a bit wide to first in plenty of time to end the inning.

That is, if first baseman Will Craig hadn't had his brain broken by Báez retreating back to home plate.

Craig unfortunately got distracted and chased the playful Cub. Then panicked when Willson Contreras sped home, throwing late to the catcher, Michael Perez. Even after all this, the force remained at first base, meaning Contreras' run wouldn't have counted. But Perez' toss to a streaking Adam Frazier went wide, bounding into right field and allowing Báez to advance to second.

Have you ever seen anything like this, even in Little League? I cannot imagine being a few beers deep and seeing this all play out from the above angle. You'd have thought they changed the rules of baseball overnight. Or that you were Dock Ellis. Something.

Incredible heads-up play by one party but an all-time boner by the other.