Cubs Fans Engineer Enormous 'Beer Snake' That Proves America is Back

Ryan Phillips
Cubs fans create an enormous "beer snake" with plastic cups
Cubs fans create an enormous "beer snake" with plastic cups /

On Sunday, Chicago Cubs fans proved to the world that America is, indeed, back.

During a 2-0 win over the St. Louis Cardinals, Cubs fans in the stands engaged in that classic American communal tradition of packing beer cups together. By the top of the sixth inning they had created an absolutely enormous beer snake and dammit if I didn't almost shed a tear. We're back baby!

Check this thing out:

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. This is what baseball is all about. Drowning yourself in copious amounts of watered-down American beer and combining with others to create huge, meaningless, plastic snakes. U-S-A!

I love it and I'd like to thank those bleacher bums for having the gumption to put that thing together. MLB should be encouraging this kind of fan interaction and community at games. It blew away the version Minnesota Twins fans put together the other day:

And it was just one more sign that the world is getting back to normal. Finally.