Cubs Fan Falls Down Bleachers During Wrigley Field Brawl


The Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals played a doubleheader at Wrigley Field Tuesday night. While the home team won the first game 2-0, the Cardinals blew Chicago out 13-3 in the second. It's clear the natives got restless in the bleachers, as a brawl broke out among Cubs fans. It led to a pretty spectacular fall.

Check this out:

Man that was a violent fall. But he took it like a champ, played it off like it was no big deal and re-engaged.

The guy being held back on the left has a cut on his eyebrow from the fight, so this is one MLB fan fight that got violent.

Also, shoutout to Mai Tai Guy for trying to play peacemaker.

Also, this poor kid just wanted to make a beer snake, and these guys had to ruin it.

The bleachers at Wrigley Field are always an adventure.