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Cubs Benefit From Rare Reverse Bartman at Wrigley Field

Kyle Koster

The St. Louis Cardinals are in Chicago to play the Cubs with third place in the National League Central on the line. There is no better setting in sports than a Friday day game at Wrigley Field and anyone lucky enough to gain entry should do everything in their power to remain there as long as possible. One fan seated down the right-field line obviously feels differently and inserted himself into the game two batters in, reaching out into fair territory to catch a Paul Goldschmidt fly ball before Jason Heyward could either catch it or things could get weird as it rattled around in the corner.

Umpires huddled and ruled Goldschmidt out, a judgement call bound to cause disagreement. It's not equal retribution for what happened down the other line 18 years ago. The Cubs will need to benefit from about 13 more to get even. But it's something.

In the 10 or so minutes since this incident took place, the fan has surprisingly not been ejected.

So it appears one can have their cake and eat it too. Interfere, help the home team, get the attention, and continue to bask in perfect 71-degree weather with the Lake Michigan air smelling as sweet as ever.