Please Visit Our Site For All Future 'Cruella' Movie News

Stephen Douglas
Cruella in 'Cruella."
Cruella in 'Cruella." /

Disney has finally released the official trailer for Cruella, featuring Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil, driving a car with a personalized DEVIL license plate. So, if you're watching Cruella with a date and you see that car you can tell your date that's Cruella. Here's the trailer.

Whoops! That's Krewella. Sorry, here's the actual trailer for Cruella.

I guess the Internet was prepared for actual footage from that movie. There was no dark, slowed down version of "Who Let the Dogs Out", but it was still your standard dark and gritty remake trailer. And we're happy to bring it to you here at what we think will become the No. 1 [101?] destination for all Cruella news and analysis.

For instance, did you know that Cruella's signature half-black/half-white hair was a choice? It looked like she did it at home in her own bathroom, whereas I always assumed she had been hit by evil lightning. And then she breaks into a vault of fancy clothes at a fashion show and there are moths or bats or something. And then she throws a party and rides a motorcycle. It's like a combination of the Joker and The Great Gatsby, but with dog murder. Coming to Disney+ in May!

And that's just a peak at the type of discourse we'd like to have daily. Nothing would make us happier than becoming the unofficial blog of Cruella. Watch this space.