Is the Collinsworth Slide Back?

Kyle Koster
Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

For years, Cris Collinsworth would slide into the picture next to Al Michaels during the opening Sunday Night Football scene and fans, for reasons beyond my comprehension, really liked it. Perhaps it makes sense because those same people started their day by going nuts for a football hitting an upright and crossbar and making a funny noise yesterday. They ended it by watching Collinsworth bring his signature move back alongside Mike Tirico.

A few weeks ago, Collinsworth went on Up & Adams and explained to Kay why the slide had gone the way of one-hour martinizing and the sacrifice bunt. Long story short, it's because Tirico doesn't typically do a monologue.

That changed last night as Tirico led the broadcast with thoughts about Hurricane Ian. So it's entirely possible this wasn't a Collinsworth Slide at all but rather a respectful lean-in. Which makes the reported delight of fans a bit odd.

We'll see what happens next week. If a nation obsessed with a guy moving four inches to his right can stomach the wait.