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Who Is Cris Collinsworth?

Kyle Koster
Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

If we've learned anything about Jeopardy! contestants in recent years, it's that there's a Sportsball-shaped hole in their knowledge. The Talkin' Football experience tends to go particularly poorly and in some cases results in a complete category whiff, which is one of those things stats nerds love to see in the box score.

It brings me no pleasure then — okay, some pleasure — to secondhand report that the pigskin prowess is still showing signs of deficiency. Tasked with naming Al Michaels' partner on NBC Sunday Night football in yesterday's episode, the trio of contestants were unable to rise to the occasion.

Collinsworth took the crushing blow with humility and grace.

Lighthearted moment not indicative of anything larger? Probably. Flashing signal that Collinsworth's Q Score is dipping too low and NBC desperately needs Drew Brees in there to make waves? Possibly, but probably not.