Cris Carter Says Panthers Threatened Odell Beckham, Video Shows Player With Bat Going Up to Him


Cris Carter, who is a proponent of finding a fall guy, appeared on Mike & Mike this morning to talk about Odell Beckham’s suspension. He claimed that Odell Beckham was threatened by Panthers players who said they were going to end his career, and that they also said homophobic things to him.

“Now, that is not just report, that’s true. I can confirm all that being true,” said Carter. Carter knows Odell Beckham, though he doesn’t come right out and say that Beckham told him all this.

Meanwhile, some of the other things that have come out, like the Panthers having a bat, seem likely to draw the interest of the league. That doesn’t mean it’s going to change Beckham’s punishment, but this is probably not done. Here is video of Beckham yelling as the practice squad player who was carrying it on the field also brought it with him onto the Giants’ side of the field in pre-game warmups. You can see the player in street clothes walk up with the bat, and Beckham has to be separated by punter Brad Wing.

What is a Panthers practice squad player doing going into the Giants team stretching area.. with a baseball bat?

— Giants Daily (@NYGDaily) December 22, 2015