Cris Carter: This Patriots Defense Isn't Legendary

Kyle Koster
Cleveland Browns v New England Patriots
Cleveland Browns v New England Patriots / Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

The New England Patriots are undefeated and possess the best defense in the National Football League. In addition to becoming the greatest fantasy unit at the position in recorded history, they've posted some pretty impressive real-world stats.

The Pats lead the league in allowing only 7.6 points/game and are second behind the San Francisco 49ers in yielding 234 yards/contest. They've secured an insane 19 interceptions -- almost double the next highest team total -- and recovered six fumbles.

People are saying things about where the group belongs in history. And considering how the season is half-over, it's not premature. Cris Carter has opinions on the topic and shared them on First Things First.

The Hall of Fame wideout believes New England just doesn't stack up compared to some of the defenses he faced during his playing days.

Patriots fans won't like to hear this. But maybe they won't find out because if there's one thing the people of greater Boston are known for, it's not seeking out slights or perceived slights.

Like a lot of stuff on sports-talking programs, this is basically an argument about semantics and vagueness. How does Carter delineate between "special" and "legendary"? Is his definition the same as Joe Schmo sitting on the couch?

At a certain point the arguments become, well, basically, this:

None of these rankings seem to be very official.