Cris Carter: Don't Hold Your Breath on Kawhi Leonard Decision


We know where Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are headed. Now all eyes turn to NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, who has, in accordance with his personality, left precious few bread crumbs regarding his decision.

Fox Sports’ Cris Carter, who used to share an agent with Leonard, has been one of the more interesting insiders on this story and, at this point, could very be the most right of all the forecasters.

And he says that this decision could take some time.

Leonard going at his own pace, feeling no pressure to rush, would be par for the course. The longer he waits, though, the tighter the Lakers’ window gets because they need to put together a roster. It’s looking a bit thin right now.

Can the news-hungry NBA community show patience for a few days? Stay tuned. One thinks there are some people out there who are hoping Carter’s off on this one.