Cris Carter Believes There Will Be a Kawhi Leonard Announcement Today


Cris Carter has found himself in the somewhat surprising frontrunner position when it comes to all things Kawhi Leonard. The First Things Firstco-host has been hammering the point that this whole process would take some time over and over again. At least up until today.

This morning, Carter has changed his messaging. He believes there will be an announcement in the next several hours.

Carter believes the destination that makes the most sense is the Los Angeles Lakers. And I, even with no real insight into Leonard’s camp, agree. That’s where he wanted to be traded while he was a disgruntled Spur and it’s where he has the best chance of winning another championship. It’s also close to home.

One needs a new primer every morning on what is reporting and what isn’t reporting when it comes to NBA free agency, but this little tidbit from Carter seems more noteworthy than some others. If he’s correct and we learn today that Kawhi is taking his talents to L.A., it will be a nice little feather in the Fox pundit’s cap as he’s arguably owned the beat since all this silliness started.

Reasonable people everywhere can come together and agree that this circus has dragged on enough and resolution will be a welcome relief.