Chicago Tribune 1, Crane Kenney 0

Kyle Koster
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Cubs began postseason play this afternoon at Wrigley Field against the Miami Marlins. When these two franchises played in back in 2003, something happened with an unmasked fan. History repeated itself in a way today as Cubs bigwig Crane Kenney and his crew flouted mask protocol up in a suite.

Thankfully, venerable and hardscrabble Chicago Tribune baseball scribe Paul Sullivan was there to speak truth to power.

Kenney eventually adhered to the rules after escaping ejection. Sullivan's passive-aggressive tweet caused real change. Let that inspire the next guy to send one. You never know what will make a difference. If, of course, this made any difference.

It would have been fun to see an umpire try to bounce this crew from their perch. Just maximum chaos on top of what is an already chaotic situation.

Either way, this is some of the most concise, most engaging writing we've seen in a while. A complete story in two tweets and about 30 words. Respect.