Craigslist Pig Couch Listing is Probably Hogwash

Stephen Douglas
Who wouldn't want this pig couch whole hog?
Who wouldn't want this pig couch whole hog? /

Here's the best thing you will see on the internet today: a Craigslist posting for a pig couch. The listing says it can be yours for $250 if you're in the New York area and can pick it up ASAP, but it appears to be someone having a laugh. As incredible as this piece of furniture is, there's no way this listing is serious.

From the Craig's List ad:

"Got this pig shaped couch a few years ago. It was designed by artist Pavia Burroughs and is a really insane/cool addition to any home especially if you love pigs but even if you just like animals. Also very comfy!!! Selling it for $250 even though my boyfriend and I bought it for over 11k and it’s in pristine condition. Need someone to pick it up ASAP as my new boyfriend hates it and sadly this is non-negotiable for him."

I would give this person the benefit of the doubt about actually having it in her possession, but she claims she paid $11,000 for it and this is literally one of the only images of the very real and very awesome couch on the internet.

The artist mentioned, Pavia Burroughs, did create it as part of her senior design thesis. She originally tried to sell it on Etsy for $950. Here's an actual picture of the pig couch in the wild in December 2010 at a show. And for what it's worth, she considered it a chair.