Craig Carton: Aaron Rodgers-Jets Deal Not Getting Done Any Time Soon

Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Aaron Rodgers very publicly wants to be a New York Jet and said some things about the Green Bay Packers that he really can't come back from. So everyone is sort of operating like he's already with Gang Green alongside Allen Lazard & Co. But as we sit here right now, Rodgers is very much under contract with the Packers until a trade gets hammered out.

This morning, Craig Carton offered a word of warning that the long-running saga and gripping drama may continue for some time.

Carton mentions June 2nd as a possible date, which is like two and a half months from now. Can you even imagine the Rodgers-Jets-Packers content that could be created while waiting that out?

This is one of those somewhat rare situations where everyone isn't aligned on which party holds the leverage. The Jets really need a quarterback to win now. Rodgers has been passively-aggressively burning bridges. The Packers have real financial problems if they don't him out of town. It will come down to who blinks first.

To me, it seems like the Packers can wait the Jets out. They'll want exact right offer while their trading partners are so excited to get Rodgers under center they're willing to take a bit of medicine to get it done.

However remote the possibility that this deal falls completely through, it's still a small possibility. That would be the most entertaining outcome. The most likely outcome is some handshakes get done sometime when the weather's warmer and we've lost a little interest.