Paul Finebaum: Urban Meyer Wouldn't Make It Through Preseason as Coach of the Dallas Cowboys

Stephen Douglas
Urban Meyer
Urban Meyer / Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

Paul Finebaum appeared on First Take today and said that Urban Meyer would never work out as coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Finebaum called it, "One of the most hilarious things I've ever heard." And Finebaum knows humor because the SEC is the funniest conference in America.

Why are we talking about FOX Sports' Urban Meyer coaching Jason Garrett's Dallas Cowboys? Apparently this rumor has been around since October when Meyer first said that the Cowboys job was attractive and he would "absolutely" listen if Jerry Jones called.

Well, this week Jerry Jones did not call, again, but apparently Stephen Jones spoke with Meyer recently.

During a radio appearance on Tuesday, Jerry said that the Cowboys hadn't spoke to Urban or any coach, but they might be interested in talking to someone at some point, but Jason Garrett will definitely coach in the NFL next season. Or something like that.

Finebaum is right to laugh. Until Meyer actually becomes coach of the Cowboys, there is no way he will ever be coach of the Cowboys.