Cowboys Kicked Off in First Half and Might Have to in Second Half Too After Coin Flip Snafu [UPDATE]

Ryan Glasspiegel
Dak Prescott warming up.
Dak Prescott warming up. / Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

There is confusion in Cowboys-Rams over what will happen on the second half kickoff. The Cowboys won the toss and kicked off. At question is whether they announced captain Dak Prescott told officials that they wanted to kick off or they wanted to defer.

The distinction here is that while both have the same outcome for whether a team kicks off to start the first half. The Cowboys won the toss and if they opted to "kick off" instead of "defer" it means the Cowboys chose to kick in the first half but Rams would get to choose what happens in second half. Obviously the Rams would choose to receive in the second as well. If the Cowboys chose to defer, the Rams would get the choice in the first half (they obviously would have elected to receive), and the Cowboys would choose in the second half.

The game's play-by-play sheet says the Cowboys chose to defer, but this is apparently unofficial:

NBC officiating expert Terry McAulay thinks the Cowboys should get the ball in the second half:

Update: After all that, the Cowboys received the ball to start the second half.