David Pollack: The Dallas Cowboys Are Going to Miss the Playoffs

Stephen Douglas
David Pollack
David Pollack / Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

ESPN college football analyst David Pollack appeared on Get Up this morning and was asked about his expectations for the Dallas Cowboys. Pollack thinks the Cowboys are overrated and will miss the playoffs.

This is just an extension of the Dak Prescott slander that has been going around for years. Last season he threw 115 more passes than Patrick Mahomes and still completed 65.1 percent of them. Mahomes completed 65.9 percent. Dak also threw for 306.4 yards per game to Mahomes' 287.9. Obviously, you'd rather have the MVP/Super Bowl MVP, but Dak started all 16 games for the team with the most yards per game in the entire NFL last season. The Cowboys were also sixth in scoring. The 49ers, who were second in the league in points per game, didn't even manage a full field goal more than the Cowboys per game.

At worst, the Cowboys are above average. At best they were one of the top offensive teams in the league. And they added CeeDee Lamb. And have Ezekiel Elliott for a full season. They have made the playoffs in two of Dak's first four seasons. It will be no surprise if more nameless people pick the Cowboys to reach the Super Bowl this season.