Mike McCarthy Won't Have to Have All the Answers in Dallas

Kyle Koster
Mike McCarthy's new job won't be like his last one.
Mike McCarthy's new job won't be like his last one. / Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have their man. Mike McCarthy brings a track record of winning and familiarity with all that comes with leading one of the NFL's biggest brands. He is not the sexiest name but perhaps the most solid and reliable one available, a person who has little left to prove.

It's a good hire for Dallas. It's an even better turn of events for McCarthy, whose Green Bay tenure ended in less than ideal fashion. Much of that was due to strained relationship with Aaron Rodgers, who is not the easiest guy to get along with. The 56-year-old coach gets a chance at a second act on the biggest of stages and will inherit a terrific roster, especially on the offensive side of the ball, where he is most involved.

McCarthy will also benefit from a drastic culture change. Sure, Jerry Jones comes with his own set of challenges but he's more than willing to face off with the media. He delights in being the voice of the franchise and facing the music -- or driving the narrative. This is a 180 from what McCarthy endured in Green Bay, where general manager Ted Thompson went through the season with zipped lips, forcing his head coach to serve as a type of meat shield.

Consider all the soap opera of the Cowboys, which carries many trying elements for those involved. But there's almost a method to the madness in that there's an easy release valve. Thing tend not to build up to critical mass because Jones will let some of the steam out whenever he damn pleases.

This means McCarthy gets to do what he does best: coach football. Trying to be an equal with Jones in personnel is a fool's errand and all by all accounts the newest Dallas resident will dive in on other areas.

Considering the way McCarthy left Wisconsin and how he's flown under the radar since (until this last media-friendly blitz), it's quite a great landing place. He'll benefit greatly from a change of scenery and different organizational philosophy.

He'll do all this at the pleasure of an owner who has proven himself to be fiercely loyal even in the face of failure. Not bad work, if you can get it.