Cowboys Linebacker Jaylon Smith Celebrates Over an Injured Opponent and After Giving Up a Touchdown

Stephen Douglas
Dallas Cowboys v Chicago Bears
Dallas Cowboys v Chicago Bears / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears picked on Jaylon Smith on three consecutive plays inside the 10 on the final drive of the 1st half on Thursday night. Smith helped cause incompletions on the first two plays and celebrated both. Most notably on 2nd and goal when Javon Wims went down with a leg injury. Smith looked right at him and proceeded to dance with a teammate.

On 3rd down Mitch Trubisky went right back at Smith and completed a touchdown pass to Allen Robinson. Smith had his arm near the ball as Robinson secured it and went to the ground. Smith then wrestled the ball away and ran away celebrating an interception that wasn't close to an actual interception. This has to be a record for most celebrations by a defender on a single series where the man he was covering scored.