Jimmy Johnson's Super Bowl Ring Is Obscene

Liam McKeone
Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones
Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Super Bowl rings are the epitome of lavish jewelry. Winning the big game means giving billionaire owners completely free reign to delve deep into their bottomless wallets and create a ring worth the GDP of a small country. As the years have gone by, these rings have only gotten more ridiclous.

Or so I thought. It appears that the Super Bowl rings of old, while perhaps not adorned with the same quality of gemstones or ordinate designs as recent pieces, used to be absolutely gigantic. Jimmy Johnson, appearing on FOX NFL's pregame show ahead of the Dallas Cowboys-Washington Football Team Thanksgiving Day matchup, gave us all a look at his. I mean, look at this beast.

Good lord. That thing looks half the size of my hand. How does he even wear it? It probably weighs as much as a newborn.

I would also like to point out that, over Johnson's left shoulder, there is a framed picture of what appears to be himself and his dog. Which is outstanding content, especially on today's day of thanks.