For Better or Worse, the Cowboys Will Stick With Jason Garrett This Season

Liam McKeone
Buffalo Bills v Dallas Cowboys
Buffalo Bills v Dallas Cowboys / Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Jason Garrett criticism has never been louder than after the Cowboys lost their Thanksgiving Day matchup against the Buffalo Bills. The game wasn't particularly close despite the final score ending at 26-15. It's the second loss in a row for the Cowboys, and more evidence that despite the talent on both sides of the ball, Dallas doesn't seem like they're built to compete with the better teams in the league.

Will this lead to an immediate coaching change? Early reports indicated no, and postgame comments from Jerry Jones reiterated that viewpoint. Jones insisted this wasn't the time for a coaching change, he still believes in Garrett, and he will be the coach of the Cowboys for the remainder of the season.

Jones is right in saying firing Garrett now won't suddenly will this team to a Super Bowl run. It would do more harm than good to can the longtime head coach with only a month of football left. But after the season is a whole 'nother question.

Regardless, for better or worse, Garrett will be on the sidelines for the rest of the 2019 season at the very least.