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Cowboys Fans Throw Trash Onto Field After Loss to 49ers

Liam McKeone
Cowboys fans throw trash
Cowboys fans throw trash /

The ending to Sunday's Wild Card matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers will not go down as one of the best ever, but definitely one of the craziest. The end of the game came when the Cowboys ran out of time to stop the clock after a referee ran into Dak Prescott while trying to spot the football. Their season was suddenly over, and their fans did not take it particularly well.

Shortly after the conclusion of the game, video surfaced of trash raining down onto the field while Cowboys players were walking off. Demarcus Lawrence had to deflect what appears to be a water bottle off his helmet. Jane Slater, NFL Network's primary Cowboys reporter, tweeted out the video and said the fans were directing the trash at Cowboys players.

Yikes. The Cowboys played far from their best game, shooting themselves in the foot time and time again. The fact that they had any chance to win it was shocking. Dallas could've easily won this game with fewer penalties and self-inflicted wounds. But throwing trash at them as they walk off the field? Come on, now.

Not a great look.