Dallas Cowboys Fans FaceTimed With Deebo Samuel From Stands During Playoff Win

Kyle Koster

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys answered all lingering questions by destroying the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last night and throwing Tom Brady's immediate future into a murky haze. A big lead allowed players and fans alike to really savor the moment without stress and look ahead to the renewal of a classic postseason rivalry with the San Francisco 49ers. Because any advantage is helpful and it's a game of inches, one Cowboys supporter was able to get Niners All-Everything, Do-Everything wide receiver Deebo Samuel on FaceTime to plant some seeds.

It didn't appear all that effective, but still a worthwhile accomplishment to get a player of that caliber on the blower while enjoying such nice seats.

Be ready! And Trevon Diggs! That's all the assembled fans could come up with on the spot. Not to judge them too harshly, of course. Perhaps they haven't redeemed that free improv class their significant other bought for them three birthdays ago.

This could be a one-off or become a trend. It'd actually be more fun if players called random fans sitting at home six-beers-deep on their sofas. That's where the truly great content would reside.