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Cowboys Caught Being Fake Tough Guys Against Giants

Brian Giuffra
Cowboys giants.
Cowboys giants. / Elsa/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have endured a rollercoaster season, and yet their lowest low might have been reached in their regular-season finale against the New York Giants.

Needing a win plus a Washington loss to make the postseason, the Cowboys tried to conjure up some passion by acting like fake tough guys against the Giants. It started with Jaylon Smith getting in the face of Corrin Brooks and, well, you be the judge of this jester's attempt at entertaining.

I'm unsure what Smith was trying to accomplish here, but it seems intimidation was the primary objective. Mission failed. Embarrassment accomplished.

Clearly hyped by Smith's effort, cornerback Jourdan Lewis double-down on the tough-guy act by head butting Kaden Smith for no reason. He was called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

For a team fighting for a playoff spot, these are embarrassing displays. They do nothing to excite your teammates and, in the case of the head butt, hinder your team. Kinda the story of the Cowboys season.