Brett Maher's Warmups Went So Badly Jerry Jones Had to Talk To Him

Liam McKeone
Brett Maher
Brett Maher / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

Dallas Cowboys kicker Brett Maher had a historically bad day the last time we saw him on the field, so it makes sense that all eyes would be on him this week. Maher missed four extra points against Tampa Bay, setting an NFL record, but his team still won. His sudden case of the yips is awfully concerning but the Cowboys put their faith in Maher and made him the only active kicker for their Divisional playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Maher was the very first guy on the field to warm up. Things did not go great. In fact, Maher was shaky enough that Jerry Jones went over to give him a pep talk. Which is... bad.

Picture evidence of Jones talking with Maher:

I mean, it's nice that Jones is trying to prop up his guy, but if things looked so bad out there that the owner feels the need to give a pep talk then you might have a problem.

Dallas made a big bet that Maher could steady himself over the course of the week. The early returns on that bet are not positive.