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Counting Out Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? Is That Even Legal?

Kyle Koster
Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

The third Sunday on the NFL's calendar provided no shortage of surprises, from the Miami Dolphins dethroning the Buffalo Bills to the Jacksonville Jaguars humiliating the Los Angeles Chargers to the Denver Broncos defying the laws of man and science by sitting atop the AFC West. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady played a disgusting three hours of football that we hope is not a preview of the NFC Championship Game. And Bill Belichick is still searching for answers.

So what better time to count both of the people responsible for New England's dynasty out? Eventually we'll be right that it's the end of the road and no brighter days are coming.

Plus, an important update on using the long-form National Football League, our willingness to die for Dan Campbell, and if the Butt Punt will enjoy the infamy of the Butt Fumble.