Cosplaying Greg Cote Has Poisoned the Radio Show

Kyle Koster

There seems to be great debate over Greg Cote’s importance to The Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz, but let no one say he doesn’t bring a very unique and irreplaceable brand of baggage to the program. It’s as if his best asset is being bad, but in a way that creates a content surplus.

The Miami Herald columnist showed up to his co-hosting gig today dressed like Woody from Toy Story. And you know what, he’s pulling it off.

This all appears to be a desperate ruse for clicks, something Cote values above almost all else — an understandable stance around this sports blog. We may be playing right into his hands but come on, he earned it.

The real question here is if attaching an actual drawstring and voice box would be an improvement. Up for consideration.