Coronavirus Pandemic Can't Stop Mayor Bill de Blasio From Working Out at YMCA

Kyle Koster
Bill de Blasio, not working out.
Bill de Blasio, not working out. / Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

People of all political persuasions have long struggled to understand the deep, somewhat unbelievable love New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has for the Park Slope YMCA. His habit of commuting the 12 miles from his Upper East Side home to the facility has provided so many inches for the local newspapers. And, hey, as a member of the Y myself, I get the attraction. It's a great place.

But still, it's a bit surprising to see him head there this morning during the height of the coronavirus breakout. There's a commitment to not skipping leg day and then there's this.

His comms shop, which is earning every cent right now, offered some interesting spin.

Gyms in the Tri-State area close at 8 p.m. tonight.

Speaking as a non-expert, it's probably not the best idea to set the precedent New Yorkers should rush out for one last fling before lockdown. Surely there are millions who wish to have one big bar night before they go away for awhile. And lifters who need to blast their triceps one last time before being relegated to diamond-press pushups.

Again, not an exert or someone who enjoys working out more than life itself, so take it with a grain of salt.