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Cordarelle Patterson Dropped a Loud F-Bomb on National Television

Ryan Phillips
Cordarrelle Patterson, Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
Cordarrelle Patterson, Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Nickelodeon is putting on a kid-friendly broadcast of an NFL Wild Card round game on Sunday, but apparently no one told Cordarrelle Patterson. Just before halftime as Patterson's Chicago Bears trailed the New Orleans Saints, he yelled, "What the f*ck" loud and clear at a penalty call.

The f-bomb went out on both national broadcasts but the Nickelodeon version was perhaps more noteworthy, since it is aimed directly at children.

Check it out:

Yeah that's pretty bad. It went out on the CBS feed as well:

Well that's not good. The Nickelodeon broadcast should have made a big show of Patterson putting a dollar in a swear jar, maybe he should have to get slimed as he walked into the locker room at halftime.