Copa America 2016: Rob Stone of Fox Sports Breaks Down the Nuts and Bolts

Ryan Glasspiegel

The Copa America tournament kicks off with the United States versus Colombia June 3rd on FS1. (See Ty Duffy’s excellent Copa America breakdowns here and here.)

Rob Stone, who will be anchoring studio coverage of the whole tourney, joins the podcast this week. We discussed:

  • Argentina is the overwhelming favorite. How important is it to carve out time to watch Messi? How much conflict is there between clubs and countries over star players in these tournaments?
  • How is the USMNT looking? Who are the rising stars? How much longer should Jurgen Klinsmann keep his job? What’s Tim Howard’s status? How disappointing would it be if they don’t make it out of their group?
  • WWE talk: Is Seth Rollins about to be a face or a heel now? As with John Cena and Roman Reigns, does the distinction even matter anymore if you’re getting any reaction? Is this headed in a direction of Shane McMahon vs. Triple H?