You Cannot Unsee This Very Disturbing Deep Fake UFC Parody 'CONAIR McGregor'

Stephen Douglas
Conor McGregor as Cameron Poe.
Conor McGregor as Cameron Poe. /

Conor McGregor has fought inside the UFC octagon twice, going 1-1, since November 2016. Yet he remains one of the sport's biggest stars, if not still the biggest. So when something like this pops up, it shouldn't be a surprise. Unless you're the type to be surprised by a deep fake parody video based on possibly the greatest pun I have ever seen in my life. Folks, may I present the incredibly silly and deeply disturbing, CONAIR McGregor.

That one-minute clip is incredible and yet also deserves to be destroyed immediately and lost forever.

What even was the point of this? Aside from proof that Conor needs to grow his hair out. Con Air is a flawless (and deeply problematic!) movie. Makes you wonder what a FACE/OFF remake might look like in 2020. Or what McGregor might look like in the UFC now. We may never know.