Conan O'Brien Smoked a Joint With Seth Rogan On-Air

Ryan Phillips
Conan O'Brien smokes a joint with Seth Rogan on "Conan"
Conan O'Brien smokes a joint with Seth Rogan on "Conan" /

Conan O'Brien is ending his 28-year run as a late night talk show host this week and he's letting loose. On Tuesday night's episode of Conan, O'Brien smoked a joint with guest Seth Rogan live on-air. It was definitely a first for O'Brien's career.

Check out the segment below:

Yet another classic moment from Conan & Co.

O'Brien is wrapping up his TBS show after 11 years, and will be launching a new variety show on HBO Max. There is no word on when that show will launch or what the format will be, but he's leaving the nightly talk show game. He'll also be continuing his wildly successful podcast, Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend.

There are two shows left on TBS, Dana Carvey will be O'Brien's guest Wednesday night and Jack Black will be on for Thursday's finale.