Committed Thespian Kyle Brandt Becomes Hamlet, Delivers Stirring Soliloquy

Kyle Koster

The Good Morning Football crew is in London because the NFL is still trying to make the sport happen over there. I am personally skeptical, but like all the others, would gladly accept a work trip to one of the world’s finest cities.

In the spirit of the setting — and perhaps after a touristy trip to the Globe Theater — Kyle Brandt delivered a bold new take on Hamlet’s classic.

This is nonsense of the highest variety. It is also some solid commitment to the bit. Not since Billy Madison and that jerk Eric competed in an academic decathalon has the world seen such overacting.

If you’re keeping track at home, yes, that is two references to a 23-year-old film, in the past 24 hours. Life’s winding road takes surprising turns.