Jay Glazer: Daniel Snyder Wants to Sell Commanders For $7 Billion

Daniel Snyder
Daniel Snyder / Rob Carr/GettyImages

When reports emerged last week that Daniel Snyder had engaged the services of Bank of America to sell the Washington Commanders, we urged caution. Snyder owned the whole team and wants a new stadium that the government refuses to give him money for, so it would make sense for the embattled owner to sell part of the team to get what he wants. Given Snyder doesn't seem like he'd go quietly, it was difficult to hold any optimism that he might actually sell the entire team.

Well, a new round of reports from Sunday's NFL news dump suggests Snyder will, in fact, sell the team. Quickly. And for an ungodly sum of cash.

Jay Glazer appeared for his weekly insider segment on Fox NFL Sunday and reported Snyder wants to sell the team for $7 billion.

Pretty remarkable, even with all the legal issues the Commanders have faced under Snyder's watch over the last few years. But it seems that the hopes of Commanders fans everywhere are coming to reality: Snyder is on the outs.