Colorado Avalanche Fight Like Hell to Win Stanley Cup, Promptly Dent It

Christian Petersen/GettyImages

No trophy in sports is more revered than Lord Stanley's Cup and year after year we watch dudes summon superhuman strength to pursue it. They'll dive in front of slap shots, sometimes breaking bones, and then remain on the ice until it's time for a line change. The Colorado Avalanche emerged as rightful renters of the prize by finally killing the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 6 last night. And promptly put a dent into the precious Cup.

The unfortunate party? Forward Nicholas Aube-Kubel, who took a tumble skating over to the triumphant team picture. One of those situations that can only be saved by doing the classic Steve Urkel "did I do that?"

Phil Pritchard, keeper of the cup and my personal hair idol, said there would be a conversation about not inflicting more damage. And revealed there would be a swift repair.

Good clean fun all around. If I had the aptitude for such things, I'd photoshop a bunch of Kevin Malone's special chili spilling out of the Cup. But it's first thing Monday morning and there's other stuff to do.

Colorado proved themselves worthy champions, going an astounding 16-4 in the postseason, so forgive them for the rare stumble.