Jack Nicklaus Chooses Wisconsin as College GameDay's Guest Picker

Liam McKeone
College GameDay at The Masters
College GameDay at The Masters /

The College GameDay set was at Augusta this weekend. It was pretty awesome. It's hard to imagine a less college football-y environment than The Masters, yet the setup was great and a deep appreciation was felt for what is likely a once-in-a-lifetime event. The Masters never happens during college football season and College GameDay has never had a quiet set until this year. It was all very cool.

Naturally, they brought on Jack Nicklaus as a guest picker for this week. The game? Wisconsin vs. Michigan. Nicklaus (wisely) chose the Badgers and apologized to Michigan alumni Desmond Howard for his choice. Howard surprised the group by agreeing with him, with any optimism clearly beaten down by the Wolverines' paltry performances over the last few games.

Nice moment, but honestly I can't get over The Masters' backdrop here. It's a beautifully scenic course and the gentle rolling green fields are just so picturesque. Not to get too romantic on you all or anything.

We'll see if Nicklas is right, but I hereby declare we should have GameDay on famous golf courses with golf guest pickers more often. It's such a unique look, even if GameDay (like the rest of us) can't wait for when the 100 yards behind them are packed with fans.