ESPN Chooses Stugotz to Guest Pick For Miami-Florida State Game


College GameDay went down to Miami this week to preview the classic rivalry matchup between the U and the Florida State Seminoles. Miami is a place of much renown with numerous celebrities both living there and from the area, so the audience was naturally on the edge of their seat. Who might ESPN bring in to guest-pick for the big game?

Well, out of all their options, they pick Stugotz of The Dan Le Batard Show fame to do so. He was excited to be there and clearly felt bad for the producer and engineer who showed up at his house instead of J-Lo's.

A bold choice, to be sure. But when it comes to sports media personalities, few are more popular in Miami-Dade county than those involved in Le Batard's program. Stugotz is a beloved figure in that community. Well, beloved is one way to view it. But he's definitely known!

He's also selling himself a little bit short. Pitbull would've been great, and so would J-Lo, but they wouldn't have been wearing a 954 Miami Heat, Vice Edition, jersey on TV to guest-pick. He's reppin.